American Metal Auction

Welcome to American Metal Auction

With over a quarter century of experience, Auction Company of America truly is "America’s #1 auction team”. Holding Auction Company License #1 for the State of Florida, we are a recognized leader in the Precious metals Auction-Marketing Industry. We have conducted auctions throughout the United States including gold, silver, platinum group metals. If you are looking to sell your precious metals and want top bottom line results, then American Metal Auction, LLC. is your solution.

American Metal Auction is a registered head office based in the USA, Florida. Also has his registered office in other parts of the world like Africa, Jamaica, Canada, UK, Germany, Israel, Italy, Russia, India and etc. We are a group of specialized Scientists, Metallurgists, CEO’s, CFO’s, Business Development team. We are into antique collection function and non-functional, Diamond, Platinum and etc. We are not the end buyers of it we are basically buying it from the sources and then auction them in the international metal auction festival and we are supported by many different financial institute across the world. All members of American Metal Auction will have an Identity card and certificate from the company, which will be renewed every five years.